Some of my Videos.

Lately, I enjoy it more and more to shoot Video next to, or sometimes even instead of, Fotos. And I think that I am getting better at it, though I still have loads to learn.

Usually, I shoot all my Video in 25fps 1080p. My Camera could do more, but 25fps is the closest I can get to 24fps when shooting PAL. And I have to shoot PAL here in Germany to avoid flicker from artificial Lighting.

Shot in Schulenberg.

Right now, I am learning how to Colour Grade and also how to edit to Music/ other Sound.

And Colour Grading is the easier of the two. Do not get me wrong, it involves Skill to get it right, but the Sound thing is more complicated for me.

Using my old Steadycam.

Just a few Days ago, I found both my Røde VideoMicro as well as my Gobe NDX, or variable ND Filter in my old FotoBackpack. And I will put both of them to good use in the future.

If you count yesterdays trial run, I have put both to use already.

Yesterday at the Entensumpf.

Anyways, I have had a lot of fun shooting, and even editing, these Videos. I hope you give them a watch and maybe even leave a Like here and there if you feel like it.

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