Another Pocket Knife.

I really do like Pocket Knives. They are very versatile Tools that every good Explorer should have, even you just use it to cut up some tasty Sausages.

A while ago, I bought my first new Pocket Knife after going quite a while without having one. But I totally forgot to also order a Knife Sharpener because I thought I had one. It did not work.

The Knife.

So I had to buy a new one. I did not want to buy one off Amazon though, and the Page I went through had a 25€ minimal Order threshold. And so I got a Knife that was on Sale as well.

Since that Knife is quite a bit larger than my other one, it definitely will not fit into my old Tin of Mints.

In the Harz.

Today after Work I then decided to drive into the Harz to shoot a little Video Project with said Knife. I had quite a bit of fun doing that. But I also had to shoot multiple Takes of several Scenes because not everything worked out like I had planned.

Since I needed both my Hands free, I actually had to use my Tripod during that Shoot. And I really dislike using Tripods. It also fell over and almost hit the ground twice. I was able to catch it in time on both occasions though.

In the Forest.

Because I had chosen a Spot right next to the only Road to local Campground, there were absolute tons of RVs and Cars with Campers driving past my location. I had completely forgotten that those things are allowed to have guests again here in Niedersachsen.

But I was able to wait for them to be gone when I was actually doing the Filming.

Two Hikers.

There where also several Hikers, Cyclists and Dog Walkers coming past, but they did not bother me.

But since I was still quite exhausted from Work, I headed back home earlier than I had planned.

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