Hiking to the Achtermannshöhe.

Today was a Holiday here in Germany. And I went Hiking to the Achtermannshöhe in the Harz. The Parking Lot was packed with Cars, but luckily, the Trail was quite empty.

I started my Journey in Oderbrück. That is just a little south of Torfhaus. From there, the Path took me through the Forest right up to the Achtermannshöhe.

Dead Trees.

Because of the very hot and dry Summers we had these past few Years, but mainly because of the local Bark Beetle Epidemic, there are a lot of dead Trees in the National Park.

Nature will hopefully find a way, but we have to change our Ways to make the World a better Place.

More Trees.

After just about 2 kilometres into my Hike, I then arrived at the Achtermannshöhe and got my Stamp, numbered 012 in the Wandernadel System. From there, I then started to make my Way back to Oderbrück.

On the Way there, I found out that there was another Stamp, numbered 168 in the Area. And after some deliberation, and also after finding out that it would only add 1.2 kilometres over all to my Hike, I decided to go with it.

The former Inner-German Border. (sorry for the green tint.)

After getting that second Stamp, that I had not anticipated to get in the first place, I then crossed a Harz Moor on some wooden Walkways. The Area was really beautiful!

But since I also shot some Video, I had my cheap variable ND Filter on my Lens. And that added a slight green tint to a lot of my Fotos. I tried to fix that, but I am not sure I was able to get it fully under control.

The Walkways.

After Hiking about 9 kilometres, I then arrived back in Oderbrück. I then started my Journey back home, where I arrived after refueling the Car in Clausthal.

It was a great Hike, and I thought that I had Captured some beautiful Fotos. But things happen all the time.

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