My Hiking Kit.

I really like it to Hike in the Harz. But as with anything, preparation is key. And that also means bringing the right Gear.

And while I do not need a lot of it, I do have my Essentials.

My Wandernadel Pouch.

The most important piece of my Kit is definitely my Wandernadel Pouch. In it, I have my Wanderpass, a set of Hiking Maps some pens and a little Notebook. I always have that thing in my Backpack, as I never know if I might stumble upon a Stempelstelle.

And while I usually use my Phone to navigate on, and also record my Hikes, I do like the comfort of having a paper based backup Map with me at all times. I usually also bring my Compass.

My Backpack with my Hiking Sticks.

Since I got a pair of Hiking Poles, I take those out whenever I go Hiking somewhere. When I am not, they live in my Cars Trunk. I really love it to use my Hiking Poles.

I also have a pair of Trekking Shoes, and they are okay, but they are also not the very best. And I usually take a small microfibre Towel since I tend to sweat quite a bit.

My Hiking Poles.

Hydration is very important. That is why I also have my Water Bottle with me on all my Hikes. It does weigh quite a bit when filled up, but drinking water just supersedes any possible wait savings. And it gets lighter as I drink the Water.

My final piece of Kit would be one of my Pocket Knives. I can use those for food and for a lot of other things. Like fixing a broken shoelace. Knives are just to versatile to be left at home when you are out Hiking.

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