The Achtermannshöhe Video.

A few Days ago, I hiked up to the Achtermannshöhe near Oderbrück all by my lonesome. On the second half of my Hike, I also shot some Video.

And that was also where the Quality of my Fotos started to drop. That is because my cheap VND Filter added a green cast to pretty much all the Fotos I took.

A greenish cast in the Clouds.

Luckily, that is not too visible in my Videos. It also does not really show in my RAW Files, but my editing somehow managed to bring out the green pretty much everywhere.

Today after online University, I then finally edited all those Video Clips I took into a short Video that I uploaded to YouTube. It is not my best work, but I still like it.

One of my favourite Fotos from the Achtermannshöhe.

On my Hike to the Achtermannshöhe I actually got two Harzer Wandernadel Stamps. Those were numbered 012 and 168, but they were actually quite close to each other, contrary to what their numbers might suggest.

And it was an awesome Hike! I had a lot of fun discovering a new Area of the Harz by myself. But all those dead Trees still make me quite sad. I hope that it will get better some day.

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