Mein Stück Harz.

I really love the Harz. But due to the immense Heat and the lack of Rain in the past few Years, a lot of the local Fir Trees were unable to defend themselves against the common Bark Beetle.

And because of that, there are a lot of dead Trees in the Harz. And while the National Park is especially affected by the Bark Beetle Epidemic, the Rest of the Harz is that much better off.

In the Harz.

Dead Trees are not only a very sad sight to behold, they are also quite dangerous. Dead Trees fall over easier in Storms, and the Harz can be very Windy at times. They also tend to catch on Fire easier on account of being very much dried out.

The Authorities in the Harz actually have Planes in the Air as an early Warning System detecting Forest Fires.

A while ago, I discovered Bracelets made out of dead Wood by Dein Stück Harz on Instagram. When you buy a Bracelet or any of their other Products off their Website, you actually support reforestation of the Harz. I actually chose the highest Level of Support you can with one Bracelet: A hole Tree!

But I would have also bought the Bracelet if it did not support reforestation of the Harz, as it is quite beautiful indeed.

At the Prinzenteich.

I really do hope that Nature will prevail once again, even if it is with our help. We really need to go above and beyond to stop Climate Change, or at least lighten its impact.

Less Pollution and better Air Quality is good for everyone, Humans, Animals and Plants.

2 thoughts on “Mein Stück Harz.”

  1. This is a problem we know all-too-well here in British Columbia: the pine bark beetle has killed millions of hectares of trees and greatly contributed to the massive forest fires we had in 2017 and 2018 causing so much damage. We are hoping to get through this year with no major fires as fighting them under the pandemic conditions will be even more difficult!

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    1. I understand that! Let’s hope that we can get through the rest of this Year without mayor Fires. Also, Bark Beetles are really annoying. On my Hike to the Achtermannshöhe last Week, I had to get rid of several that were crawling around on my arm.


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