Back in Düna.

Today, I was in Düna just to the south of Osterode to try and find some beautiful red Poppies to shoot. Spoiler Alert: I did not get lucky.

The Field that was a full of Wheat last Year was just a big old yard of Grass today, and there were absolutely no Poppies to be found.

A Blow Flower.

The only thing that I found absolute Masses of where Dandelion Clocks, or Blow Flowers. But those also looked really nice with a beautiful creamy smooth Background. I actually do like the Fotos I got!

I really do love Flowers, and other small things with those awesome blurred nothingness behind them.

A Poppy from last Year.

Düna is a really small farming Village just to the South of Osterode, and there is really not that much going on there. But I do think that it is a beautiful little Place.

And Düna is also an awesome Starting Point to Explore the local Karst Landscape, the Hainholz, with its many Caves and other karsty Things.

Main Street Düna.

After a while, I then left Düna to head to the Car Wash back in Osterode. Luckily, it still had open and I was able to Pressure Wash my Car real good. It really was necessary to do that, as the Car was really dirty.

And after I was done with that, I headed back Home for Dinner.

The only Road to and from Düna.

I will continue to look for some beautiful red Poppies though. They are really beautiful in the right conditions.

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