Phone vs Camera.

Smartphone Cameras nowadays are the best they have ever been. And since I just got a new one, I decided to pitch it against my trusty Canon M5 in a fun little shootout.

And I can definitely say that Image Quality is definitely getting there. Dynamic Range really is not even close, but the Phone can give you some awesome Fotos!

I have edited all my Fotos with the same Presets and tried to get their Exposure to a similar level.

And I was able to edit the Phones DNG Files way better than I anticipated. The only downside is that while I can shoot RAW on my Camera no matter what Lens I use, the Phone does not allow me to do so on the Ultrawide Setting.

Overall, I am extremely impressed by my new Phone, which is an iPhone 11 by the way. It’s Camera is way better then anything I have ever seen on a Phone, and my old iPhone 6s was not a slouch either.

Technology really has come a long way since late 2015!

What I have noticed though is that Fotos from the iPhone are generally quite a bit brighter than those from my Canon M5. The Dynamic Range also is not quite there.

Also, the Ultrawide 13mm Lens on the iPhone is a little whiter than the 16mm equivalent on my Camera.

The best Camera is always the one you have got with you. A Phone will always beet a professional Camera that is just sitting on a Shelf collecting Dust.

But I will not discard my Canon. Dynamic Range and Lens Selection is just way better.

I used Lightroom on my iPhone to both shoot and edit the Fotos.

4 thoughts on “Phone vs Camera.”

  1. I find that you also notice a massive difference when the images are blown up or printed.
    Canon have a new chat service if you ever want to ask questions about your camera, or Canon stuff in general. I’ve found them useful, they are on

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    1. I guess you are right. I have not printed any of the Fotos I have taken with the iPhone yet. However, I have printed Fotos from my older iPhones (4s/ 6s) and they actually do not look to shabby. Granted, they I only printed Postcard-sized, but still.
      I am shooting Canon Cameras since 2015 now, so I think I know a few things, but I might give it a shot. Thanks for the information.


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