Filming with my iPhone.

Yesterday, I took a few Fotos with my new iPhone 11 to compare them to my Camera in a fun little competition. Today, I decided to go out and shoot a short Video with it.

To shoot the Video, I used two Apps, FilMic Pro and FilMic DoubleTake. I filmed in Log and also with the highest available Bitrate at 25fps and in 4K. The Bitrate was 125 Mbit/s.

VideoGrade Screenshot showing the insane Bitrate.

DoubleTake takes advantage of the Multi-Camera System of the iPhone and lets you record Footage from multiple Cameras at once, something no standard Camera can do.

I then used iMovie on my iPad Mini to edit the Footage, but only because I feel that my iPhones Screen is a little small for that.

Overall, I really like the Video I was able to put together.

While I was out doing that, I also took a few Selfies with Portrait Mode. I think those look very good for the fact that my iPhone does it all artificially.

Real Bokeh still looks better, but technology has come a long way.

One of the Selfies.

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