More Video.

Today, I went to the Gym for the second time since it reopened. It was so awesome! I had missed it a lot. However, being able to go back to the Gym will not mean that I am going to be outdoors less. It really does not.

So after today’s Session at the Gym, I went back into the Harz Forest to shoot some Video with both my new iPhone and my trusty Canon M5. I had a lot of fun doing that!

My new iPhone.

And I have to say, the iPhone definitely has some advantages over the Camera. For once it can shoot in 4K, but that is not to important for me. What I think is really cool, and what I will never have with my Canon, is the ability to record multiple Angles at all.

That is possible because the iPhone 11 contains 3 Cameras, including the Selfie-Shooter. And with FilMic DoubleTake, a free App on the App Store at the time of writing this, you can record Footage with two of those Cameras at once. And you can choose whichever Camera you want to use.

Into the Forest!

Dynamic Range on the Phone is also really good, especially when shooting in LOG using FilMic Pro. You can really get a lot out of that Footage. And when you record in the highest available Bitrate, you have even more freedom to make Changes in Post.

And while I definitely prefer my Canon M5 for shooting Fotos, the Phone can really stand its ground when it cones to Video.

I love the Forest.

Overall, I prefer the usability of the real Camera though. It is way easier to change Settings like Aperture, ISO and Focus. I never touch the Shutter Speed when shooting Video.

The Camera is also way easier to hold steady since it is heavier and has a real Grip while the iPhone is pretty much just a slab of Glass.

But I definitely like it that I am not really missing out when I shoot Video on my Phone. Only that I still have to get an Adapter to be able to use my Microphone.

*I am not sponsored by FilMic Pro or any of the other Companies mentioned.

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