Good Fotos in bad Weather.

Today, the Weather was quite awful. It was kind of cold, and it rained all the time. And even though that Rain was much needed , it also limited my photographic Options.

My Camera is not Weather Proof in any way, and I also do not want to use my Phone for just about anything also. Luckily, there were a few breaks in the Rain, and I was able to get some beautiful Fotos at the Sösetalsperre.

A Salamander (shot with my Phone.)

While walking along the footpath that straddles the Reservoir, I came past a really awesome looking Feuersalamander, biological Name Salamandra Salamandra. I really like those animals, but I had never seen one in person, or at least not in a very long time.

But since Salamanders are kind of skittish and also very shy, it fled into the undergrowth rather quickly.

At the Sösetalsperre.

I really like the way that Fotos look when there is still a little haze of Rain in the Air. I do not know what it is, but it really looks good in my eyes.

And I am not talking about that time where the Rain is still falling a little. I mean that short period between swells of Rain when there is total silence in the Air. That period can be pure awesomeness. Or not, depending on what you likening your Photography.

Shot away from the Reservoir.

Just after a long lasting Rain, the Greens look Greener and everything feels more alive. I believe that time is one of the best times to go out and shoot some amazing Fotos.

Today I also had an oral Exam at University. I passed. But afterwards, when the rain stopped for the first time, I went into the Forest on the way back home to take a few Pictures there.

My iPhone in the Wild.

I really had not planned to go to the Sösetalsperre today, but I am definitely glad I did.

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