A few days ago, it was World Environment Day. And I wrote a short piece about how Nature is essential for my Photography and how we should take better care of it.

Today, I want to write a little more about my relationship with the greatest thing there is on this Planet Earth. And yes, it is Nature.

Beautiful and Diverse: Nature.

Nature is the most important thing we have. Nature is beautiful and so Diverse. A single Human lifetime is not enough to even begin to grasp everything there is. And yet, us Humans tend to treat Nature badly, without even thinking about it.

We leave our Trash pretty much everywhere, we Consume more than Earth can Provide, and Nature is suffering.

Beautiful Nature.

But we also tend to treat each other rather inhumane. It does not matter what we believe, what religion we have or how we look. We are all Humans. Everyone is different. Diversity is a beautiful Thing.

We need to embrace our Differences and use them to build a better Future for each and everyone one of us.

Through the Forest.

We also need to work together when it comes to Nature. One Human can not do much, but when we stick together, even the littlest effort can go a long way.

I would hate it to lose Nature.

Nature is crucial to me.

We need to take better Care of it. And of ourselves. Together.

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