Depth in Nature.

Usually, you want your Landscapes to be Nice, Sharp and in Focus throughout. But sometimes, a some Depth can look really good, too.

Bokeh in Nature really is a beautiful Thing. I absolutely enjoy it from time to time.

Shallow DoF.

Recently, I started using my Nifty 50. I also shot some video with it a few Days ago. But I did not really use the Lens to its full Potential, only using it at ƒ/8.0.

So today, after Exams where over, I drove myself into the Forest to shoot some more Video with it, and my 22mm ƒ/2.0. I also shot with some Depth Variation this time around. And while I was unable to get the most out of those two Lenses again, there was just to much Light for that, I did get some great results.

The 22mm.

Also, I figured out that I just do not like Video shot at anything much shallower than ƒ/2.8. For me, there actually is such a thing as to little Depth of Field. Bokeh is nice, but I do like it when I still can make out something in the Background.

In Fotos, that can look awesome, but in Video not to much. Except for when it is a closeup of something beautiful. In that case, I do not care for Backgrounds at all. Go ahead and obliterate it all you want.

Some tiny Plants.

During my Statistics Exam today, I also learned a little more about Histograms by chance, and I might just write about that one day.

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