#TSBTP: Vancouver.

Back in November 2014, I had lived in Canada for over half a Year, most of that time around Toronto and Kitchener. But since I had gotten a Job in the Rockies for the Winter, I had to get West somehow.

I ended up taking the Bus all the Way from Kitchener, via Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary to Vancouver. It was a real long Ride, but it was also dirt cheap, at only 175$. But this story is not about that. It is about Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver really is a beautiful City. When I stepped out of the Bus at Pacific Terminal, I first had to figure out where to go next. Since I was quite tired, I decided to head straight to the Hostel to grab some shuteye.

In the Evening then, I started to Explore the City a little. The Hostel was on Granville Street, and from there, I walked pretty much everywhere over the next three Days before I headed out into the Wilderness for Work.

Granville Street at Night.

Off course, I also visited the more touristy Areas of Vancouver, like Stanley Park and Granville Island, where I had my first taste of a Nanaimo Bar. I also visited BC Place and the Public Library.

During those 3 Days, I walked more than in the Month prior combined, or at least it felt that Way. I really enjoyed the City a lot.

Vancouver Public Library.

Stanley Park was the best though, along with the Beaches at English Bay. I really love it how such a huge Part of practical Wilderness can survive in a City like Vancouver, just because some People wanted to have it that way a long time ago. It is just beautiful.

And while I did not spent much time in Stanley Park, I really wish I did.

Stanley Park & Downtown.

I really would love it to visit Canada again one day. When I have the Time, the Money, and most importantly, when we are allowed to Travel again.

Somewhere near BC Place.

4 thoughts on “#TSBTP: Vancouver.”

  1. Great post and fantastic photos! We had a chance to visit Vancouver many years ago and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I would love nothing more than to go back one day to see more of it. It’s such a wonderful city. Aiva 😊

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