In the Woods.

I am a huge fan of Nature. And Forests. They are just so great. I also love it do Photography in the Woods, and in general, I love it to be in the Woods just doing nothing.

And so yesterday after Work, I drove up into the Harz just to spend a little Time in Nature. I ended up taking some Fotos and shooting some Video anyhow.

So beautiful.

I parked my Car between Clausthal and Dammhaus, just before the turn to Riefensbeek. It was beautiful there. And also not. I really dislike the Sound of many, many ATVs cutting through Nature.

I guess it is probably fun driving around with one, but those Tourist Groups are really loud and annoying. ATVs really suck in packs, and they always come that way here in the Harz.

I love Nature.

But enough about that. Let me talk about Nature again. Because I love it. I really can not imagine life without Nature. I would have never started to enjoy enjoyed Photography without Nature.

The same is true for my Videos. It to would be nothing without Nature, just like me. And since I mostly shoot in the Woods, I do not even need any ND Filters most of the time. And that is very good, since I am very bad at remembering to bring those things along.

Oh so green.

Last weeks weather could only be described as typical April weather, and it is almost July. It was disgustingly hot for a few Days, and then it rained pretty much non stop on the others. I preferred the rainy Days.

But that is just because I am not a fan of the Heat. Especially when it is also very humid. I have no Problems at all with dry Heat, but the Humidity always gets me.

Some Needles.

I can not imagine my Life without Nature. And I also do not want to do that. Without Nature, we all are nothing.

We have to take better care of it. We have to be better as Humans. Not only towards Nature, but also to each other. Racism almost ended us back in the Day, we can not let that happen again. We are better than that.

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