Bad Harzburg. [HWN 121]

I absolutely love it to Explore new places. Originally, I had intended to Hike to the Wolfswarte after today’s Exam, but the sky was very grey and it looked a lot like rain. So, after spending a short time in Torfhaus, I drove on to Bad Harzburg.

When I arrived there, I had no idea what to do. That is because I originally just wanted to visit a Waterfall on the Way to Bad Harzburg. But I missed a turn, and there I was.

In Bad Harzburg.

I then decided to take the Cable Car up the Burgberg. All I had to do still was getting a parking ticket. Luckily, someone else had paid for too long and gave me theirs. So I had two hours of parking for free. Thanks for that!

Getting up the Mountain was also relatively cheap, at only 4.5€ for the round-trip. And so I put my Mask on and took the Ride.

It is a weird Cable Car though, having an attendant and going up and down on the same side. There are also only two Cars because of that. It was a beautiful Journey nonetheless.

On Top of the Burgberg.

On Top of the Burgberg, there are some old Castle Ruins. That is also where the Mountain gets its Name from. Burgberg means Castle Mountain, or because it sounds cooler, Castle Rock.

From up there, you have a great View across Bad Harzburg and the eastern Harzvorland. And it is absolutely beautiful. There are even some very touristy coin operated Binoculars. I have never actually seen someone use one of those things, or at least not in quite a while.

They make for great Fotos though. Check out my Instagram if you want to see what I mean.

Bad Harzburg from the Burgberg.

I had a great time up on that Mountain, but since I was unable to acquire some Ice Cream, and since my free Parking Ticket still had an expiry time, I headed down to Bad Harzburg again after a while. And that took longer than the Journey up, as I had to wait at the Cable Car Station. There was quite a crowd wanting to leave the Mountain.

From there, I drove home via the Okertal, as that Journey is way shorter than the detour I took over Torfhaus on the way to Bad Harzburg, but I had no clue as to where I was going then.

In Torfhaus.

I also stopped for some Ice Cream and went to the Gym on my way Home.

There will be a Video on YouTube as well. It is not quite done yet.

2 thoughts on “Bad Harzburg. [HWN 121]”

  1. Wow, what a lovely place to explore! I love nothing more than visiting new countries but due to the recent outbreak, we are stuck in Ireland where we plan to stay for rest of the year. Well, unless flying becomes safe again. Fortunately, we live on Ireland’s West coast with plentiful of hiking trails and surfing spots. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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