The Burgberg Video.

Yesterday, I had planned to Hike to the Wolfswarte near Torfhaus. That did not happen, and I ended up in Bad Harzburg instead. And I had a great Time there, taking the Cable Car up the Burgberg.

From up there, the View over Bad Harzburg is absolutely beautiful. You can also see over the whole eastern Harzvorland. I really liked it.

The View over Bad Harzburg.

I did not only Explore the Area and take some nice Fotos though. I also shot some tasty Video Clips. Yesterday, my Video was not yet ready at the time I posted my Story here.

Now, the Video is up and running on YouTube.


While Iwans in Bad Harzburg, I also discovered that there is a Baumwipfelpfad there. But my completely weird and irrational fear of Heights cut through my Plans there, and I did not visit.

You can see it’s Bee-hive like main Structure in my Video though. I hope you enjoy.

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