I really like Cable Cars

I am not the biggest fan of Heights. They really tend to make me feel uneasy. But my Fear of Heights is also completely irrational, coming on and off as it pleases.

I never have that Problem when I take a Cable Car. And those things usually hang way up above the Mountain they go up on nothing but a Steel Wire. I have no Idea why, but I somehow trust those Wires more than Steel and Concrete.

The Cable Car to the Wurmberg.

Cable Cars are also really great for shooting Video out of them. It can look really awesome when you do it right. In that way, Cable Cars kinda behave like a poor mans Drone. You can not control where it goes, but the Video still looks great.

And that is really good for me. I would be way too afraid to crash the Drone to really use it. That is one of the Reasons that I do not have one. Price is another one.

The Cable Car in Hahnenklee.

So far, I have used pretty much every Cable Car here in the Harz at least once. And I always enjoy it a lot.

Except for that time I took one up the Wurmberg in Braunlage, and they had to stop the thing for about five Minutes to help a disabled Person board one of the Gondolas. That was a little creepy.

The Cable Car in Bad Harzburg.

So yes, I am afraid of heights. But only sometimes, and not when I am in a Cable Car hanging many metres above the ground on a thin Steel Wire.

I know, it is weird. But that is how it is.

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