Small Town Streets.

I live in a small town of about 22.000 People. It is called Osterode. And it is definitely okay. It is not the best Place in the World, but it is my Home.

With Osterode being a small Town, it is not always easy or even possible to do Street Photography. It is still possible though. Especially with my Style of Street Photography, where the actual People only play a very minor Role.

Shot yesterday.

Yesterday’s,the Weather was supposed to be really bad. But it was actually quite nice. And while that did cross my Rainy Day Photography Plans, I did go out anyhow.

And I was actually able to Capture some quite nice Street Fotos, and I always like that.

Empty Streets.

Sometimes, I believe that Street Photography can work very well without People as well. Especially when your Subject is Emptiness. And there is a lot of Emptiness in Small Town Germany. Even more so in these current Times.

I do hope things will get back to normal again though. But everything in its own Time. Some Things are just not meant to be rushed.

Shot last Year.

I personally have a Love-Hate Relationship with Street Photography. It can be really rewarding, but sometimes it is just very frustrating. But I guess that can happen in every creative Field.

Check out my Instagram for some Street Photography and all the other Kinds Oderteich Photography I do.

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