I really like Birds. Birds are awesome. And always since I saw some of the most awesome Bird Photography on Instagram, I wanted to try that myself.

And today, I almost got lucky. There was an awesome Bird hopping around at University in Clausthal. Just when I wanted to press the Shutter Button, it flew away. And it was a beautiful Bird.

A Bird with Food.

Birds are really skittish things. They usually do not sit still for more than a few seconds. Especially when Humans are around. Also, I strongly believe that my 250mm Lens, around 400mm Full Frame Equivalent, are just to short.

I had to crop in quite a bit with all the Bird Fotos I was able to Capture today. And when you crop in a lot, Image Quality gets lower and lower, especially when you go from 24 Megapixels to just under 5. That makes the Foto just about 19.7 Percent of the Original. And that is not a lot.

A Bird on a nice piece of Grauwacke.

It is also not that easy to Focus on those tiny Birds. Sometimes, I was in front, but most of the Time Focus was way back. It is hard to find something that is not in Focus at such a long Focal Length.

But I also just started out trying some Bird Photography. The only other Bird I ever Photographed before had just landed Head first in my car. I was very sad, it was a beautiful Bird.

A Bird on the Lawn.

What I also really like is the Sound of Birds Singing. I like that a lot. It makes me happy. Especially when I am out Hiking in the Harz.

My favourite Bird is a red chested Robin by the way, mostly because we share a Name. It is a simple Bird, it does not have much Colour, but I really like it.

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