Filming in the Dark.

Sometimes, I am a real Night Owl. I love it to capture Fotos and shoot Videos at Night. I have no Idea why that is so, but it is.

I have made several Mistakes in the Past when it comes to creating Media in the Dark before. Such as using the wrong Shutter Speed or a too low ISO.

Clausthal after Dark.

With Fotos, it is easy to avoid those higher ISOs by opening the Shutter for longer periods of time. Long Exposure Photography is definitely easiest when you have a Tripod with you, but it is not always a necessity to use one.

But when you shoot Video, that is not possible. Your Frame Rate dictates your lowest possible Shutter Speed. For example, you can not shoot slower than 1/25 seconds when your Camera is set up to record at 25fps. And if you follow the Rules, you are even more restricted with your Shutter Speed always being double your Frame Rate.

Osterode after Dark.

That is why I personally rely on existing artificial Lighting like Street Lights and Lanterns as well as moving artificial Lights, like Cars or Busses. The more Light Sources the better.

I also really like it when it is a bit foggy at the same time, because the Fog smoothes over all those Lights and makes them softer. And that usually looks really great.

A foggy Night in Clausthal.

The only thing I really do differently when I shoot Video in the Dark is that I disable the continuous Servo AF on my Camera, it hunts to much when it can not clearly find a Subject to Focus on.

And I usually shoot wide open, so that I am able to get as much Light as possible to my Cameras Sensor.

I hope you enjoy my Videos, Osterode after Dark and Clausthal after Dark.

Osterode after Dark.
Clausthal after Dark.

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