I love Fog.

Fog is awesome. It can make a Foto look great, but it also can break it if there is not the right amount of it.

Today, the Fog was awesome.

And so I headed out to the Prinzenteich. And I had a great time, until it started to Rain.

A Porsche driving away.

I really like it at the Prinzenteich when the Weather is good, but today, I absolutely loved it.

The Fog makes the Area look so beautiful and mystical, I just had to take some Fotos. I also shot some Video, and I did not even need my ND Filter for it.

Fog over the Teich.

There was way less Fog than I had anticipated though. There was a lot of it over the Water, but not that much in the Trees.

But that was okay. I actually think it looks great. And I think that the Fog over the Water did not actually look all too good.

Fog in the Trees.

Today, I was at the Dam of the Prinzenteich for the first Time in my Life. And it was beautiful. But my Fotos of the Teich itself did not turn out. I really do not like them.

But I really love those I shot in the adjacent Woods. But I always kinda like those.

In the Woods.

After a while of taking some beautiful Fotos and shooting a bit of Video, the light drizzle that had been going on all the time, turned into a real downpour.

I was lucky to make it back to the Car without breaking my Camera.

The Video will be on YouTube by tomorrow.

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