A foggy Video.

Yesterday, after finishing up at Work, I drove to the Prinzenteich. I had seen a nice layer of Fog hanging over the Area on my way to the Gym and quickly decided to go there and be creative.

Like most Landscape Photographers, I really like me some beautiful Fog. It can cover up things you do not want to have in your Fotos, and it makes things look that much more mystical.

An older Foto from the Iberg. [HWN 130]

And mystical Fotos look great, especially when shot in the Harz. After all, the Devil lives here in Göthes Faust, and the Witches return every Year for Walpurgis.

The Forests in the Harz, where they are still alive, really lend themselves to these kinds of Stories.

Close to Schierke, without Fog.

But enough about Witches and Stuff. Fog in the Harz also looks really good without having a magical Background.

And yesterday, the Fog looked really great. Even though there was almost to little of it, and it started raining in the middle of my Exploring Session and I had to scarper.

My favourite Foto from yesterday.

It did not only capture some beautiful Fotos at the Prinzenteich yesterday though.

I also shot some good looking Video. And because of the Fog and the low hanging Clouds, and also because I was working in the Woods most of the time, I did not even need to use my olde ND Filter. And I really like it when I am able to do that.

I hope you enjoy my little Video.

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