I kinda like Rain.

Most People like good Weather. I also like good Weather. But for Fotos, I actually prefer real Weather. With Clouds and Fog and Rain. Nothing is more boring than a plain blue Sky.

And today, it was really rainy in the Harz. And I absolutely loved it. Heavy Rain really can look awesome in Fotos.

There was also a lot of Fog over the Hills. And that looked awesome as well.

Storm Clouds over the Harz.

But the absolute best thing today was the super heavy Rain. I actually had to stop my Car for a short while, because my Windshield Wipers were pretty much to week.

And during the Time I was stopped at the Side of the Road, I actually was able to Capture some really awesome Fotos. I really do like the ones where Cars pass through the Frame.

Rain & Cars.

I would love to go out and shoot more when it rains, but my Camera has no Weather Sealing whatsoever. And while I do own some Rain Covers for my Camera, both are way to large.

And I also have absolutely no Idea were I have those. While I do believe that they should be in my old Camera Bag. But I have not found them yet.

Awful Weather is the best.

And while I really do like awful Weather, I do am happy that it is going to be nicer this weekend. I have Plans, and Rain would likely destroy those.

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