Taking the Brockenbahn… again.

Yesterday, I visited Drei-Annen-Hohne in the Harz to take some Fotos of the Brockenbahn and maybe get a Wandernadel Stamp. I only managed to do one of those things.

After having captured a few Fotos and some Video of a few passing Trains, the Idea to take the Train started to wander around in my head. And after finding out that going to Schierke and back would be rather affordable, at only 5€ for the Round-trip, I decided to go with it.

The Train Lines near Drei-Annen-Hohne.

And after waiting for my Train to arrive at the Station, the Journey started. And it was magical. There is a Reason why some People call the Brockenbahn the Hogwarts Express of the Harz.

One of those Reasons could be the Magic surrounding the Brocken. After all Witches live on the Mountain and the Devil is not that far away either.

But I believe the real Reason is that the Harz is very Mystical in general, and that the Brockenbahn is a beautiful old Steam Train. Just like our beloved Wizard-carrying School Train.

At the Station.

Taking the Brockenbahn all the Way up the Brocken is quite expensive, with a Round-trip being 41€ in the Afternoon-tariff. On a normal day, it might have been worth it, but I was late to the Show and also did not want to spend that much Money on a spontaneous Trip.

I also think that the Brocken as the highest Mountain in the Harz, standing tall at 1,142 metres, is just a tad bit overrated. And it is also much more beautiful during the Winter.

Shot on Board the Brockenbahn.

The Brockenbahn actually goes way back, ascending the Mountain since 1899. During the Cold War and the German Divide, it was unavailable to the general Public from 1951 to 1989. During that time both the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic used the Mountain as a Listening Post to spy on the West.

Luckily, the Walls came down with the German Reunification, and you can travel to the Brocken pretty much whenever you want to. It was closed for a while during the Corona Pandemic though.

From the Back of the Train.

I had a great time taking the Train yesterday. It was awesome.

I was able to Capture some beautiful Fotos. And I also Shot some Videos that I am still editing right now.

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