This Morning, I had a Chemistry Exam. And I am really not that good with Chemistry. But I think I managed. After that Exam, I had to unwind for a little while, so I headed towards Festenburg, just out of Zellerfeld.

I have been to Festenburg before, but back then I was Hiking with my Family. And it was great. Today was the first time that I actually drove there.

The Road to Festenburg.

And boy, that Road is narrow. There are Places on it where they had to build some Mötesplatser. Those are Meeting Places where Cars can pass each other safely. And I really do not know any better Word than the Swedish one I used.

Once I had arrived in Festenburg, I parked my Car and walked around that tiny ‘Village‘ for a while before deciding to head on to the Schalker Teich. I have also been there on that Hike I mentioned earlier.

The Stairs to the Teich.

The Schalker Teich is an old artificial Mining Pond that was once used to power Mining Machinery, just like most of the other Teiche in the Harz. And we have a lot of those.

Another remnant of the Harzes once flourishing Mining Industry are the widespread Fir Forest that are famous for the Area. The downside is that those Trees are also very susceptible to the Buchdrucker, a breed of Bark Beetle. And while dead Trees are still rare around Festenburg, they are definitely on the way.

At the Teich.

At the Teich, I walked around for a while taking some Fotos. I also had my Lunch there after a while, and after some Cyclists had abandoned the Bench that I had wanted to use for that.

On the Way back to Festenburg and my Car, I then also shot a few short Video Clips to put up on YouTube. I never really get more than two to three Minutes of Content, but that is Okay with me.

In the Forest.

Overall, I had a great Time just relaxing at the Schalker Teich near Festenburg today. Now I am going to prepare for my next Exams.

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