Shooting Video in the Harz.

Yesterday, I spent some Time at the Schalker Teich in Festenburg. It was very beautiful. I originally just went there to unwind in Nature for a bit. But I also took some Fotos and Video.

I just was not able to help it. The Area was just way too beautiful. And a little Photography never hurt nobody.

In the Forest near Festenburg.

Also, being Creative is the best way to relax for me. I do not have to think all to much, and I really enjoy it to create Content. It is just great.

When I started out with Photography, I never really thought of shooting Video to much. But I am starting to enjoy that more and more once again.

At the Teich.

I am still not all to good at editing Sound to my Video though. And while I am steadily learning, it is a process. And all that is good takes a while to ripen.

At least I finally got the hang on Colour Grading. At least I think so.

In the Forest.

I also really love it to Explore the Harz and share the Area with you. There is so much to Discover. It really is awesome.

You should come and Visit one day.

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