Yesterday, I explored the Area all around Werk Tanne. The former Explosives Factory near Clausthal-Zellerfeld is a very interesting Part of our Heritage here in the Harz.

But since it came to be in the Dark Ages of the Third Reich, it is also History that is mostly kept under the Rug. I get it, speaking of bad Times is uncomfortable. But it has to be done, so that things like that do not happen again.

A toppled Building at Werk Tanne.

History is not always beautiful. Bad Things happen all the Time, and off course some are worse than others. But History is also very important to talk about. It makes us who we are and it brought us where we are today.

People love it to talk about the Weltkulturerbe here in the Harz that is the Oberharzer Wasserregal and the Rammelsberg Mine. But the Third Reich happened, and we can not change what happened. The Nazis also built most of the Surface Buildings at the Rammelsberg by the way.

At the Rammelsberg.

I will not only talk about the Past of the Third Reich though. There is so much more History to Discover here in the Harz that is worth Telling. And I am going to write about all of it from time to time.

The Mining History would be one of the Topics, as could be the German Divide. History fascinates me. I really do love it.

A Fence at Werk Tanne.

I also really love it to Explore the Harz. It is great to learn new Things about the Place where I live. And since I can go Hiking at the same Time, it is a win-win for me.

And maybe we can all learn something from this. Including myself.

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