Photography in the Woods.

Photography is kind of my thing. I really love it to be Creative and Explore new Things at the same Time while being out in Nature.

Forests are a huge Part of Nature. And I really love it to Wander around amongst the Trees and capture beautiful Fotos of them.

At the Prinzenteich.

As a Photographer who happens to enjoy Nature a lot, being respectful of it is a huge Part of my Craft. It actually makes me, and anyone else who behaves that way, a better Creator.

Not everyone sees it that way though. There are a lot of People who litter in the Woods, break Things or disrespect Nature in General. Those People put a bad Name on those Photographers who do love Nature and do their utmost to not leave any traces of their doing behind.

Please, stay on the Paths, take your Trash with you and be Respectful with Nature and each other. That really goes a long way in making this World better for all of us.

A beautiful Tree.

But enough about bad Photographers. I just really love it to shoot Trees. Every single Tree is uniquely beautiful. Some are crooked, some a very straight and tall and others are something in between.

And when the Play of Lights and Shadows hit the right Spot, it can look very awesome indeed.

A window into the Woods.

As a Kid, I lived right at the Edge of the Forest. I spent a lot of time in there with my Brother or my Friends. It was awesome. After that, I lived near another wooded Area and also spent a lot of Time there, but by that Time I was in High School and my priorities had shifted a bit.

But now, my love of Nature and Forests has returned big time. I also started to enjoy the Woods of my Childhood all over again. They have changed a lot, and not always in a good way.

The Forest where I grew up.

I hope you enjoy Nature as much as I do, and I also do hope that you are as respectful of it as I try to be. Every effort helps to make this World a better Place.

Nature is the most important thing there is, so let us take better Care of it. Together.

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