Forest Stonks

Most Readers of this Blog should know that I really do love Forests. Forests are the best. But they are also hurting because of Climate Change and the very dry Summers that came with it these past few Years.

Here in the Harz, wast Areas of Forests are dying, and that really makes me sad. That is why I always try to do my best to help. One of those things I did was to buy a wooden Bracelet. But that thing only planted a single Tree in Wernigerode.

The Bracelet.

That is why I got just a little exited when I found out that the Landesforsten here in Niedersachsen are offering Climate Stocks, where they replant 3 square metres of Forest for every 10€ invested. The Landesforsten are something like the US Forest Service of Germany. Every Bundesland has its own.

So I went ahead and gave them 20€. Off course, 6 square metres are not all too much either, but they are better than nothing. Sometimes, every little bit does help.

Forest Stonks.

I really do believe that this Climate Stock thing that Landesforsten are doing right now in Cooperation with the Government of Niedersachsen is definitely a Step in the right direction. It costs a lot of Time and Money to rebuild and restructure Forests.

And those Stocks at least help with the Money Side of things.

At the Dammgraben.

Today, I had a Maths Exam at University. Afterwards I went into the Forest to have some Food and to be a little creative.

Creativity for me is the best way to unwind and free up my head for everything that is yet to come.

A beautiful Tree Stump.

Being Creative in the Forest takes that Unwinding to a completely different level though. Nature relaxes me even more than Photography or capturing Video could ever do.

I believe in Investing in Nature because I really need it to feel alive. I require beautiful Forests just to be me, and because of that, I Invest some of my Time to try and spread awareness as well as a little of my Money to help rebuild.

I must admit my Reasons are quite Selfish, but I doubt that is a bad thing. Sometimes, Selfishness can bring along the Community. Forests are great for everyone. Nature is crucial for Humanity to survive.

A path in the Forest.

I will always love Nature, and I will always try to support it the best I can. And so should you. We are all in this together after all, if we want it or not.

Also, it would be awesome if you could support me over on Patreon.

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