Dachs IV

Last Week, I explored around Werk Tanne in Clausthal as Part of my new #HistoryWorthTelling Series. Today, I ‘explored’ around yet another industrial remnant in the Harz, Dachs IV near Osterode.

Dachs IV was an attempt to move Fuel Production underground during the latter Days of World War II, after Germany had become vulnerable to Air Raids by the Allies.

DISCLAIMER: You can not actually get all to close to Dachs IV, as the Area is still being actively mined for Gypsum. For that Reason I only proceeded until a Sign told me to stop.

In the Woods.

To build that underground Refinery, a KZ-Außenlager was set up in Osterode-Petershütte to house Prisoners under probably very inhumane Conditions. Those Prisoners where then forced to dig the Tunnels into the White Cliffs of Osterode.

Dachs IV never actually came to fruition, but the Tunnels where used as make-shift Air Raid Shelters for the Population of Osterode from time to time. Off course those who were forced to dig the Tunnels would have never been let inside in such a situation.

My grandma recently told me a story of how she lost one of her favourite Shoes one time when Osterode got evacuated into the Tunnels.

A Tunnel from the ‘No Further’ Sign.

If the Plans for Dachs IV would have pulled through, it would have been only one of nine planned underground Refineries. Osterode would have been home to a Rhenania Ossag that would have been relocated from Hamburg.

Rhenania Ossag is and was part of Royal Dutch Shell, now under the Name Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH.

A warning Sign.

Today, a handful of Companies mine Gypsum in the Area around Petershütte where Dachs IV would have been. Because of that, the Tunnels that where actually built in the Area are partially visible from the outside.

And one day, they will probably be gone forever.

Dachs IV Tunnels from the Kuckholzklippe.

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