I am back.

Today the Weather was great. It was warm enough to Explore, yet not to warm to keep me Home. And it was windy. But I do like that.

So I decided to drive into Ührde and explore a little today after Work. Not to long ago, I used to Hike there from Osterode on pretty much every other Father’s Day. It was awesome. And it is also just a 7 kilometre round–trip, so I might just do that again one day.

My Car on the way to Ührde.

Ührde is a quite small but also very beautiful Village just off the Road between Osterode and Dorste. Just about 84 People lived there in 2015, when the local Volunteer Fire Brigade was integrated into the one of the next Village over, Schwiegershausen. And that is also the latest Number I was able to find.

Anyhow, there is a small Restaurant in the Village that is actually quite good if I remember it right, but I also have not been there since we stopped Hiking to Ührde for Father’s Day.

Downtown Ührde.

While I was out exploring in Ührde, the Sky started shifting from beautiful to very grey. So I decided to head back home earlier than I had planned.

Half way home, I stopped on a small Farming Road just next to the freshly paved gravel Road into Ührde. From there, I took a few Pictures of the Hillside towards Osterode. I just love it to be out doing Photography again.

The Farming Road.

The only other ‘Big Thing’ in Ührde is the local Dolomite Quarry. There are actually quite a few Quarries in the Karst Landscape around Osterode.

I was also able to Capture a beautiful Foto of a Truck driving into the Village to get loaded up at that Quarry. I really like red Vehicles in Landscapes.

The Truck.

Ührde really is beautiful. And, Weather permitting, I would really love it to Hike there on my old Family Route, that I only ever hiked with my Dad and some Friends, once again.

The last time I did must have been around 8th Grade, and that was around 2007 and 2008.

On the Way into Ührde.

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