Cars & Landscapes.

I usually consider myself a Travel Photographer, mostly because I like a lot of Photography Styles and do not want to hang my self up on a specific field of Creativity.

But lately, most of my Photography actually consists of Landscapes, magnificent Vistas, beautiful Forests and Paths through Nature are all awesome Subjects for me. But sometimes, I really like it when Cars drive through my Shots. That can look really good.

A blue SUV in Osterode.

Cars convey a sense of Travel and Motion in otherwise static Fotos. People go Places and Explore the World using their Cars, and so it makes sense to me including them in my Photography.

But since Cars play a big Part in Climate Change, I would really love it to see more amazing looking Electric Cars out there. They are also a lot of fun to drive.

A Car near the Prinzenteich.

Cars also are an amazing Tool to show Scale in Landscapes. We all know that Trees can be really tall. But a big SUV dwarfed by a beautiful Spruce Tree shows just how tall they really can be.

I absolutely love that sense of Scale. Another great way to show Scale would be People, but since I usually explore alone or with Friends who prefer not to have Fotos of them published, I usually fall back to Cars.

A red Truck with a blue Trailer.

Usually, Cars also come in a variety of Colours. While most are either Black, White or Silver, I prefer to include Red and Blue Cars in my Photography. They produce a much nicer Colour Contrast in beautiful green Landscapes.

Sometimes I even wait for a while until a Car that looks good and has the right Colour comes by. I also prefer it when there is just one Car in Frame, that just looks better in my opinion.

A car-less Highway.

In Summary, I use Cars that usually just drive past me on the Road on coincidence to Convey the Senses of Travel and Motion as well a Scale in my Landscape Photography. The Colour Contrast they produce is also really beautiful, as it can draw the Eye through the Scene.

And while People would be really nice to have, Cars are easier to Capture, as most People really do not care to much about that. I also remove the License Plates if they are at all visible.

My favourite Car would be a beautiful Landrover Defender though. Those are great for Exploring Palces as well as being in Landscape Fotos.

My Car near Ührde yesterday.

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