Two new HWN Stamps [HWN 131 & 141]

I really love Hiking in the Harz. Being surrounded by Nature and Exploring Places is the absolute best.

But I have not been out Hiking in a while. My last real Hike was on German Father’s Day last May, when explored around the Achtermannshöhe near Oderbrück. But then it was to warm for Hiking and I also did not have that much Time to go out.

To the Hahnebalzer Teich.

Today, the Weather was great for Hiking. And so I made my Way into the Innerstetal to get two more Wandernadel Stamps for my Collection. I went for the recently relocated HWN 141 that is now at the Hahnebalzer Teich, and HWN 131 at the Kaysereiche.

After I parked my Car, I started my Journey to the Hahnebalzer Teich and soon found out about the second Stempelstelle nearby. So I decided to just go for both in one Hike.

At the Kaysereiche.

The Oberer Hahnebalzer Teich is pretty much just another Teich in the Harz, and the previous Location of HWN 141, the Lasfelder Tränke, was a way nicer location. I do not know why that Stempelstelle was relocated, but that is how it is.

There, I met a few People who I would see at several other Stops on my Hike.

After a while, I arrived at the Kaysereiche, HWN 131, and was kinda disappointed that it is only a Köthe. That is a small Hiking Shelter. There where no Oak Trees around. And Eiche means Oak in German.

A Cabin in the Woods.

On the Way back, I then came by the Unterer Hahnebalzer Teich, were there is a small Cabin in the Woods. It looks beautiful, but I would not want to spend to much Time there.

After a while then, I was back at my Car after just around 5.5 kilometres travelled. I had a real good time Hiking in the Harz again. The Smells in the Forest are really awesome, and I can not believe that I was able to go without it for so long.

My Wanderpass.

With today’s Hike, I am now sitting at 29 Wandernadel Stamps. That means I ‘only’ have 21 more Stamps to Collect to become a Wanderkönig and get yet another Wandernadel. That would be Level 4 then.

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