Back at the Oderteich. [HWN 217]

I had not planned to go out on a Hike today. But when my Mom called and asked me to walk around the Oderteich together, I did not hesitate to say yes.

I really like the Area around the Oderteich, and Hiking is always a nice thing to do. Being out in Nature definitely is awesome as well, it is kind of my favourite pass time.

A Tree at the Oderteich.

The Parking Lot at the Oderteich was quite full, but we managed to find a space pretty much right away. And that is always a good thing.

Sadly though, the Oderteich was extremely low on Water today, but that was to be expected after a long time of little to no Rainfall.

In the Forest.

The first third of the Oderteich is a designated swimming Area, but the back part is protected and you have to go into the Woods to follow the Hiking Path around the Lake. But even though there is the possibility of Fines, a lot of People just do not really care.

My Mom and I did the right Thing though and followed the prescribed Trail. It is actually quite beautiful there. and even though it is quite a bit away from the Water, it is the way to go. Just be respectful of Nature and adhere to the Rules. Also, please take your Trash with you. There was a lot of it on the Trail.

The Path around the Oderteich.

There is a HWN Stempelstelle at the far End of the Oderteich, but I already collected that Stamp in January, and each Stamp only counts once.

From that Stempelstelle, the Path that takes you back to the Parking Lot gets even more beautiful. The first bit is a normal Hiking Trail, but the the last half mostly traverses a local Moor on several raised wooden Walkways. It is just so nice there.

The Walkways.

But there are also a lot of twisted gnarly Roots in those Places where the Walkways end and before another set begins. In those Areas, you really have to watch your Step. People have twisted their Ankles there a lot. Especially those without the proper Footwear.

I did not have the right Footwear today, I only brought some Sneakers, but I managed just fine. My Mom was better prepared then I was. She had proper Hiking Boots.

Gnarly Roots.

After a while, we reached the main Dam of the Oderteich. At that point, we were almost back at the Car. We took our Time to read some Information Boards about the Oberharzer Wasserregal.

The Oderteichrunde actually is one of the shorter Hikes that you can go on in the Harz. At only around 4.5 kilometres, it is manageable for pretty much everyone. Being sure footed is definitely required if you want to go along the Walkways though.

My Mom and I had a really great Time taking the Oderteichrunde today. It was really awesome.

The Oderteich from the Dam.

Only recording it on Komoot did not go smoothly. My Phone locked me out and I was unable to stop the App recording. I did not know that I still could have shut my Phone off, so the Map is from my earlier Hike.

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