Still disliking Tripods.

I really love Landscape Photography. It is awesome to go out to Explore and get some beautiful Fotos of Nature. A lot of bonafide Landscape Photographers swear on using Tripods and several Filters.

I do not do any of that. And while I own a Tripod, because I used to really dig Long Exposures, I have not used it in quite awhile. That is because I truly and honestly dislike Tripods.

Sunday in the Harz.

One of the Reasons I do not like Tripods is that they are cumbersome and take a while to set up perfectly. I like to move around and find a few Angles that I really like when I am out shooting. Tripods just would not fit my style.

When I walk around in Nature, I really do not want to spend the Time it takes to set up a Tripod. I would mouth rather spend as much time as possible shooting.

A while ago in the Forest.

Tripods also take up a lot of Space. When they are deployed, they spread their Legs apart quite far, and that is an absolute no-go on the narrow Paths in the Harz.

And even if the Paths are wide enough, I would not be able to get close enough to what I want to shoot without disturbing Nature. And I am really into being Respectful with Nature lately.

A few Years back, someone trampled my old Tripod, broke two of its Legs and just moved on as if nothing ever happened. I was unable to catch up, but maybe that was a good thing.

A beautiful Tree.

A lot of Tripods are able to fold down real nice and compact, especially the Travel Tripods I used to use, but they are still way bulkier, and usually heavier, than a full 1 litre Water Bottle.

And I definitely prefer staying hydrated over carrying around the dead weight of a Tripod that I would probably not use anyways.

The one thing I really do want to try out once is a Polarizing Filter though. But then I would probably also need to use a Tripod, so I doubt that that is going to happen anytime soon.

From a Train in the Harz.

The Reasons why I dislike Tripods are really easily summarized by the word Cumbersome. They take up Time and Space, and I usually have neither when I am out Shooting in Nature.

I still will hold on to my Tripod though. I still like Long Exposures sometimes. Also, for some Reason, I absolutely love my Manfrotto Pixi, a miniature Table Top Tripod. But that thing also doubles as a really nice Video Grip.

Shot during Sunday’s Hike.

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