Filters and I.

Photographers use Filters. And there are a whole lot of different ones. UV Filters, ND Filter and Pol Filters are just a few. And every single one has a different purpose.

I barely ever used any Filters, except for my Variable ND Filter. And I pretty much only use that for Video.

I do not like Filters.

There are a lot of People out there who protect all their Lenses with UV Filters. And most of them use very cheap UV Filters so that it is not to expensive when those break.

I strongly believe that a cheap Filter can only lower the Quality of those beautiful, often times expensive Premium Lenses. But I also think that they do not do any good on cheap Glass.

I prefer to use Lens Hoods to protect my Lenses. Also, modern Glass is really quite strong and scratch resistant. So you really do not need a cheap bit of Filter for Protection at the Cost of Image Quality.

Still no Filters.

ND Filters are just the same thing. If you want something good, you have to pay. And usually, you would use a Tripod so that you can get the right Exposure. I do not like Tripods.

Also, I prefer to selectively darken or lighten Areas in Post. That just gives me more flexibility.

A Pol Filter could be cool.

The only Sort of Filter that I really want to try out once are circular Polarizing Filters. They are supposed to cut glare of reflective Surfaces.

But there is where my other Problem with Filters comes into play: I would probably forget them at Home all the Time. I really do not like it to bring all Kinds of extra Gear with me.

I used my ND Filter for this one.

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