I will always love Fog.

Today, the Weather was horrible. Or at least that is what I have been told. I really could not see much of it at work. But when my shift was over, it was actually not that bad.

The only thing remaining from the earlier downpour was a heavy fog above the Harz that I spotted on my way to the Gym. And I absolutely love Fog in combination with Landscape Photography.

I do not like driving through it though, that is dangerous.

Fog in Lerbach.

Fog easily hides away a lot of possibly distracting elements in the Background. And sometimes in Photography it is more about the things that are left out of the Foto than those that make it into Frame.

Also, it just looks really good when your subject is surrounded by a dense, thick layer of Soup.

But covering stuff is not the only thing Fog is good at.

Fog above the Harz.

Fog can make the things that are still visible in it look very Mystical. Like that lone pier that juts out of the Mist on a Lake. Things like that just look awesome.

Fog in ‘witchy’ Areas like the Harz always make me think of the Myths of Magical Creatures that come from the Area. and I really love those Myths. They are a part of what makes Home Home for me.

Fog covering a Lake in Canada.

But I also have one really bad Memory of Fog. People in the Harz really drive like they are insane sometimes. And that is why I really do not like it to drive in the Fog. They never slow down. And that is especially dangerous when you can not see.

One time I almost got T-boned by someone racing out of Buntenbock despite pretty much no visibility at all. Luckily, I was able to avoid them last Minute. Sadly, I was unable to see the License Plate. I would have so loved reporting that Person to Police.

A foggy Night in Clausthal.

But for me, the Time that Fog looks its best is definitely at Night. Lights get smoothed out a beautifully diffused. And that looks stunning if captured right.

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