At the Hasenbacher Teich.

I really love it to be at the Water. I also really love it to be in the Harz. And so today, after going to the Gym, I decided to just go for it and spend a short Time at the Teich.

After some thinking, I quickly decided to go to the Hasenbacher Teich. I had not been there in a while, and I just wanted to go.

At the Teich.

When I was younger, around the Time I went to Highschool, I actually used to be at the Hasenbacher a little bit more often with my Dad. Like a lot of People in Osterode, we went there to relax and to go swimming when the Weather was good.

Most of the Time, the Teich was so overrun that I did not really enjoy the time there. But sometimes it was also really great.

A new Path.

Today I did something different though. Instead of heading for the far end of the Teich, I made my way along a Path that I had never taken before. And it was actually quite beautiful.

From there, I was able to see the lawn on the other side, where we used to have our Towels and Picnic back in the day. I was able to Capture some completely new Perspectives of the Teich from there. Or at least they were new for me.

Beautiful Light.

The Hasenbacher Teich lies about 100-200 metres downhill from the Parking Lot, and the Light in the Forest was gorgeous today. I absolutely loved it.

Trees really do create an awesome game of Shadows and Highlights when the Sun hits at just the right Angle. That is why I absolutely love Woodland Photography lately.

Nature is awesome.

Today, I actually also shot a few Video Clips again, that I have assembled into a little Video today. I really missed doing that.

Shooting Video really is becoming a second hobby of mine, and I enjoy doing it a lot.

Some Rocks and Roots.

Nature still is the very best thing there is. And today, there was actually pretty much no Trash just flying around the Forest. That actually made me a little happy on the inside.

But usually, that really is not the Case. It is important that we take better Care of our Environment.

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