At the Ziegenberger Teich.

Monday after Work, I visited the Hasenbacher Teich for a short time. But that is only one of the many Mining Ponds around Buntenbock. So today, I visited yet another one: The Ziegenberger Teich.

To get there, I actually drove into Buntenbock and then took the Wiesenwanderweg, where you actually hike across the Grass and the Moss, to the Teich. That actually feels very awesome on the feet.

In Buntenbock.

The Ziegenberger Teich, just like the Hasenbacher Teich and the Prinzenteich, is a popular swimming spot in the Summer, but there are always some daredevils in the usually rather cold water.

At the Ziegenberger Teich, there is a beautiful wooden Shed. I have no Idea what its purpose is, but I really love Swedish-Red Buildings standing around in Nature.

The Shed.

I really love all the Teiche in the Oberharz. Most of them are really beautiful, and some even serve a purpose, namely Drinking Water, after all those time being there.

The other Teiche are still awesome Areas to relax at and to get some Swimming into your System, even though the Water really is quit cold most of the Time.

The red Shed from the Teich.

I have hiked past the Zigenberger Teich on a few occasions previously, namely when I visited the Bärenbrucher Teich and on that long Hike I took from Buntenbock to Osterode with my Mom a while back.

Today was the first time I actually crossed over its Dam to get to the other Side of the Teich. And the other Side is really beautiful. There is a stony Cliff that leads right into the Water with a little Bench up top. I really love it.

My Backpack on the Cliff.

But since I did not have all to much Time today, I had to head back Home after just about half an hour. I will definitely return there to explore more of the Buntenbocker Teiche.

There are so many Foto Ops to be Shot and a lot of Heritage to Explore. The Oberharzer Wasserregal really is a fascinating feat of Engineering. Especially since most of it was built in the 1700s and earlier.

The Path around the Teich.

The Harz really is a beautiful Area that has a lot of things to Explore. Living here for all my live, I never really appreciated its Natural Beauty for a long Time, pretty much up until I started to go to University.

Nowadays, I am proud to live in the Harz. And even if I should move away someday, it will always be a part of me. You could say that you can get me out of the Harz, but even if you do the Harz will always be in me.

A beautiful Root going into the Teich.

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