The Prinzenteich, again.

Lately, I really love it to go to the Teich after Work. This Week, I visited first the Hasenbacher Teich and then the Ziegenberger Teich. Today, I visited the Prinzenteich again.

I have been there before during this last Year, in fact I have been there countless times. But before September 12 last Year I had not been in a very long Time. And back then, the Teich was full of Cyanobacteria. It was really bad.

Last Year at the Prinzenteich.

Today, the Algae were not visible to me, but the signs telling you not to swim in the Teich because of Cyanobacteria are back again. So I guess it is going to get worse again. Or maybe they put the signs up early to prevent the Situation from getting out of Control again.

Anyhow, I really love it to spend time at the Teich. And today, there where several Anglers going after Pikes. None of them had caught anything yet.

The Path between the Trees.

Forests are really awesome, and the Woodlands around the Prinzenteich are no exception. They are awesome, and yet to be affected by the Bark Beetle. Not that I want that to happen, but it is probably just a Question of Time.

Sometimes in the Harz, I find myself imagining that I am somewhere else entirely. That little hut at the Ziegenberger Teich could just as well stand on some Swedish Beach. And today I felt like I was transported back to the Pacific Northwest, if the Trees there would be smaller. And not on Fire.

The Teich through the Trees.

The Water in all the two of the three Teiche I have been to this Week actually all comes from the same little River, the Innerste. That River starts near the Entensumpf, goes through all of the Buntenbocker Teiche and the Prinzenteich. The exception to that Rule being the Hasenbacher Teich and a few others in Buntenbock.

A while ago, when Mining was still a thing in the Oberharz, all those Teiche were purposely built to have Water to power al, the Mining Equipment that was used. Nowadays, it all is a widespread UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Two fallen Trees.

Being in Nature is the absolute best. When I am out there, I can gather my thoughts and Focus on those things that are really important. That is why I enjoy it so much to spend Time in the Harz and at the Teiche.

But today, I saw quite a bit of Garbage flying around again. This Time around, it was right at the Parking Lot. Please take your Trash with you and dispose of it properly. At Home or in any public Trash Can. If everyone does their Part, no one would have to do that much.

DISCLAIMER: I shot a little bit of Video at the Prinzenteich today, but it is not yet edited.

Beautiful Trees.

I will continue Exploring the Harz during my free Time because I really love doing that.

But off course, every little Help counts. So please consider becoming a Patron of mine over on Patreon. Thank you.

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