Long Exposure Photography in Osterode.

Yesterday Night, I went out to venture the Streets of Osterode for some Long Exposure Photography. And yes, I used my Tripod despite me not liking Tripods to much. But sometimes, it just has to be done.

I started out around 12am and pretty much just walked up and down the main Market Square here in Osterode. It was so calm and peaceful outside, but I was also getting tired after a long Day.

In Osterode.

Usually, Osterode really is not that quiet at night. There are all kinds of drunks and music playing teens around most days. So I was happy that yesterday was different.

I really do not like having to deal with drunks asking weird questions and teens being annoying in general. Especially at Night.

I like nightly Cities.

I really like Cities and Towns at Night. All the different Lights create a very dynamic Scene that just looks stunning if captured right. Cold and Warm Lights as well as Colourful Lights can look really great.

But if the Lights do not play well, I usually do not even bother shooting the scene. That is why I usually take a lot more time and get way less Fotos when I go out at Night to do Long Exposures. I just walk around a lot trying to find a Frame where the Light looks right to me.

Cold and Warm Lights.

The only thing I missed yesterday where some Clouds in the Sky. I usually prefer it to have a Sky that is not just pitch black, but I guess I was out to late to have that.

Also, I still got asked what I was doing and why I was doing it out of some Window. That is not the worst thing to happen, and I actually think that it is good when People pay Attention to their surroundings. It was still annoying though.

The Market Square.

It would also have been very beautiful if it had rained earlier in the day. Reflections always look good. But I guess that was not meant to be either.

I had a lot of Fun being out in Osterode at Night doing some Long Exposure Photography yesterday anyhow. Even though I had to use my Tripod.

The Church in Osterode. (One of many.)

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