Today I hat two Appointments in Clausthal. But between them, I also had a bit of Free Time. And so I decided to drive into Hahnenklee to skip those two Hours.

And today, I actually visited the Stabkirche that I did not visit the last Time around. Actually, I pretty much went only to take a few Fotos of that Church.

But instead of just Shooting the Church, I ended up doing so much more.

The Stabkirche.

There is a supposedly really good Bike Park in Hahnenklee that runs down the entire side of the Bocksberg. I myself do not do Downhill Mountain-Biking, but I do find it extremely cool.

And today, I was able to Capture some of the Action on Video today. It looks awesome, if I do say so myself.

You can also rent Karts on Top of the Mountain that you can ride on an extra Downhill Track. I am pretty sure that is awesome as well.

A part of the Trails.

I also took some Video and Fotos of the Cable Car and the Chair Lift.

After a while, I then went into Town to get myself some breakfast, but I was only able to get a Popsicle, as there was no Bakery of any sort on in the Area.

Afterwards I then headed back to Clausthal for my second Appointment.

The Chair Lift through the Trees.

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