A few Videos

This last week, I wandered around the Harz exploring and shooting Video pretty much every Day after Work for a short While.

Also, I really needed some Time in Nature on those Workdays to get my head free for all the Tasks that still lie ahead of me. And there are many more to come.

Last Monday, I visited the Hasenbacher Teich, and it was awesome. I had not been there in a long Time, but nothing had really changed all to much. Except that there was actually less Garbage than the last Time I was around.

And that actually felt great. There is usually a lot of Trash lying everywhere. And I really hate that. I also do not really like those who just leave their Trash lying around in Nature. So I was pleasantly surprised that there was very little.

On Friday, I then visited the Prinzenteich. I have been there a lot of Times this past Year, but it is always worth a visit. Something is always going on at the Prinzenteich.

Weather it being Algae, Fog, or just the natural beauty of the Area. I usually really enjoy it to spend some Time at the Prinzenteich. Friday, there were quite a few Fishermen around, having their Fishing Rods out waiting patiently to catch some Fish. I never really had the Patience for that.

Sadly, my Trash-Free High from Monday hit a sudden, very hard, Speed-Bump. There was so much Garbage at the Prinzenteich Parking Lot, it looked like someone dumped their Trashcans right there. It was really ugly.

This Monday, I then visited Hahnenklee in between a few Appointments I had in Clausthal. There, I took some beautiful Fotos of the famous Gustav Adolf Stabkirche. I really do love that little Church. It is definitely worthy of a Viking.

I also was able to capture some awesome Video of a few Mountain Bikers who were visiting the local Bike Park.

Personally, I would never go Downhill Mountain-Biking, but I was told that the Bike Park in Hahnenklee is supposedly quite awesome. And I definitely agree with that, at least from a Video Shooters point of view.

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