Stuff in my Backpack.

I pretty much go everywhere with my Backpack. It is an important Part of my everyday Life.

And I have quite a bit of Stuff inside of my Backpack. And most of it has nothing to do with Photography.

My Backpack.

But of Course I also have some Camera Gear with me pretty much always. I usually only bring my Camera and my 10-18mm Lens, as well as my 50mm Lens with me. That is all I need to take Fotos on a day to day basis.

I absolutely love the Wide Angle Lens. It practically lives on my Camera.

The Stormtrooper.

I always had a lot of Stuff hanging off all the Backpacks I ever owned. One of my most prized possessions doing so is a little Stormtrooper Figure that I rediscovered in my Desk last Christmas. Since then, it has never come off my Backpack.

Except for today off course, when I took some Fotos of it with my 50mm.

Some might be here from my Instagram. For those of you who are: This is it. This is why there was a Stormtrooper in the Harz.

A Pocket Knife.

I also carry a Pocket Knife with me when appropriate. Like when I am Hiking. Or when I am having Lunch in the Woods like I did today.

I usually carry my little Gerber, but I also have other Blades in my ‘Collection’.

And yes, I have a tiny Pocket Knife Collection. I really love Pocket Knives. They can look very cool and are ultra versatile Tools.

Some Autumn Colours.

Since I really love Hiking, I always have my Hiking Kit in with me. It consists of a Map, a Compass as well as my Wanderpass for the Harzer Wandernadel and a few Pens. I usually also have a small Note Pad in it to write down my thoughts and ideas.

And lately, I have a lot of weird Ideas. Some of them are even good ones! But more about that later.

My TC Keychain.

My overall favourite accessory on my Backpack is my Traveller Collective Keychain (*no affiliation) though. The Rings on it commemorate the Countries I have visited so far, where I am from and also what I stand for.

And when I bought them, I also did a little good, as TC supports all kinds of Social Projects. For example Gifting Travel, where they gift someone who never travelled anywhere an unforgettable Trip. I think that is really cool.

My Backpack in the Harz.

My current Backpack of Choice is a ‘military style’ completely customizable Daypack from a Company called Tasmanian Tiger. I believe it is called the Essential Pack Mk II. It is definitely not the largest Backpack I ever owned, but the Size is perfect for me.

And it has an Area for Velcro Patches. I am currently rocking a Canadian Flag and a Patch Ingot at Photokina back in 2018. It says Photography is all I need. And it kinda speaks

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