Yesterday at the Entensumpf.

Yesterday, I posted a Story about the Stuff that is inside, and mostly on the outside, of my Backpack. The Idea for that post came to me while having Lunch and at the Entensumpf yesterday.

The Entensumpf is a small Teich just out of Clausthal, and I have been there quite a few Times before. It is really beautiful there and pretty much not swampy at all.

The Path around the Entensumpf.

I really enjoy it to have Lunch somewhere Outdoors when I have the Time. Sadly I rarely have the Time to do so.

But yesterday, I did. It was only a Sandwich, but it was the best Sandwich I ever had, because I had it at the Teich.

Only that that Teich was super empty. But it still looked very awesome. And I definitely had a great tim there.

The Stormtrooper.

On my way to the Entensumpf from the Parking Lot, I actually came across the most awesome looking Tree Stump I had ever seen.

It looked so great, I just had to Experiment with the little Stormtrooper Figure that lives on my Backpack and pose it on a Side Area of that Tree Stump.

And I really like the Results that I got. Also, I figured that my beloved Childhood Memory Stormtrooper really hasn’t that much of any Print Quality. It actually looks quite shabby where the Black meets the White.

Just do not tell the Empire I said that.

The Entensumpf.

After I had Lunch on one Side of the Entensumpf, I then decided to just take the short Walk around it and take some more Fotos. And because I really like working with Videos lately, I also filmed a little.

That Video will be up on YouTube soon. But it is not done just yet.

It actually was a fun day. But since I had some other Stuff to do, like going to the Gym, I left the Entensumpf around 1pm and got going again.

PS: Sumpf means Swamp in German.

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