I kinda like Street Photography.

We Humans are a fascinating Thing. Walking around our Neighbourhoods, going shopping, doing Chores. And sometimes, we also spend way too much time on our Phones.

That is why I sometimes really enjoy Street Photography. I usually do not go out with the Goal of Street Photography, but it usually is a lot of fun nonetheless.

Today in Osterode.

I would not necessarily describe my Style of Street Photography ‘typical’. Usually, I place my Subjects far away to showcase their Interactions with their Environment.

Also, I usually prefer People from Back or from the Side. I have no Idea why that is, but that is how I do my Fotos.

Also in Osterode.

Usually, I prefer to use my 50mm Lens, as it gives some nice Compression and I do not need to be right in Peoples Faces to get the Foto I am after.

Today, I used my 22mm Lens though, as it was the only one I had with me. I definitely prefer the 50mm though, as the 22mm is kinda to wide for my Style.

A while ago in Berlin.

In general, Street Photography is much easier in bigger Cities, because People usually do not pay much Attention. That is why Pick Pockets can be very successful when there are a lot of People around.

But Street Photography also works really nicely in smaller Towns like Osterode. It really is a lot of fun sometimes.

In Rotterdam.

In my Style of Street Photography, People usually do not play the Main Role, but they are usually more of an afterthought.

Sometimes, I even find out that I like a Picture with someone running through the Frame a long Time after the Fact.

A more ‘Classic’ Street Foto.

Usually, I do not plan to do Street Photography. But when I do it after all, it is usually a lot of fun.

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