Bad Weather is the best.

Here in Germany we have a saying: There is no bad Weather, there is just wrong Clothing. But I disagree. When it is grey outside, that is Bad Weather.

I am not the biggest fan grey Skies, but I absolutely do love Fog and Rain. And they can also look great in Fotos.

At Stiglitz Eck.

Today after Work, I met up with a few Friends to go out in the Harz and later have Dinner at Stiglitz Eck. Usually, you have an awesome View over the Harz from there.

But today, it rained. Heavily. And it was really awesome. Not only because we actually need some Rain, but also because I was able to capture a few beautiful Fotos.

A wider View.

And while both Fotos where taken in the same general Direction, they still feel unique to me. One is quite Wide and the other is more ‘zoomed’ in.

I only dislike that my Camera chose an ISO that I deem a little high for the Situation I faced. But most modern Cameras are able use their ISO Range effectively, and my Canon M5 is not a slouch either. I still applied some Noise Reduction in Post though.

Shot shortly after a Rainstorm.

But what looks even better is the Time just after it rained. When the Haze is still in the Air and Fog starts to appear from the Trees. That is my favourite Time to take Fotos.

It is also a Time that does not happen to often. All the Conditions need to be right. Like Rain Volume, Temperature and Light Availability. But nothing worth having comes easy.

A Salamander after the Rain.

And yes, Photography in less than ideal Conditions can be Challenging. But I really do love that. Everyone can do easy.

Only the good can do hard.

And all anyone can do is try.

4 thoughts on “Bad Weather is the best.”

  1. We need both rain and sunshine, but there is bad weather: bad weather is when it misbehaves and doesn’t do as forecast! Today was supposed to be sunny, and I was going to get more firewood out of the forest. Instead it rained, and another tree fell across the road. I had just enough ‘dry time’ this afternoon to clear it so I can get out if needed.
    Yes the bad weather is the weather that does bad things.

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