My favourite Long Exposures.

Sometimes, I really do love Long Exposure Photography. It can be a lot of fun. So I quickly went through my Archives and fond my All Time favourites.

While doing that, I also found out that I have not done a Long Exposure that I like in quite a while. Mostly because I really do not like Tripods anymore. And most of the Times, you kinda need to use one of those.

Wasserschloss Hamburg | October 2016

The Wasserschloss in Hamburgs Speicherstadt really is a much Photographed Building. In Fact, it kinda gets Photographed into oblivion every Year. But I wanted to have my own Version of it.

And I still very much like the Fotos I got out of it. Sometimes, that makes it hard to choose which of my two favourite Versions I like the best.

Köln Hauptbahnhof | September 2018

In September 2018, I was in Köln to attend Photokina. I had a great Time there, and I also captured one of my absolute favourite Long Exposures.

Since I had ‘forgotten’ my Tripod at the Hostel that Night, I actually used a Handrail instead. And that was quite challenging, mostly because of the very active Train Tracks leading into the Kölner Hauptbahnhof. Those cause a lot of Vibrations, especially when there is a Train on the near Tracks.

Autodrom Most | August 2019

Back in 2019, I visited Most in Czechia with my Formula Student Team, called Green Voltage Racing, to take Part in that Years Formula Student Event there. It was awesome, and I do not even really like Camping.

But on one evening, I took out my Tripod and my 50mm Lens to Capture a beautiful Long Exposure of the local Mountains and the Race Track.

On that Trip, I also found out that the 50mm 1.8 STM is actually quite good in Sports Photography, as it fared quite well during the Acceleration Event.

Rotterdam Cubes | March 2019

Also in 2019, I took an awesome Rail Trip through the Netherlands. It took me from Groningen over Schiermonnikoog and Rotterdam to Eindhoven.

I took this Long Exposure right in front of the Hostel at the world famous Cube Houses because I really liked how the Building framed the beautiful red Willemsbrug.

I really do like the look of illuminated Red Structures against the Night Sky. They look awesome.

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