Autumn is the Best.

There are many Seasons in the Year, four to be exact. And Autumn is definitely my favourite Season.

The World becomes Colourful, and sometimes, the Weather can be really good. And then everything just looks beautiful. But even when it Rains orange Leaves really do look good.

Autumn in Freiheit.

My favourite Autumn to date was in 2014. I was up in Algonquin Park, and Indian Summer was in full swing. That is when the Leaves are turning beautiful and Orange, but it is also still warm outside.

I absolutely loved it. It was the most beautiful Thing I had ever seen.

Not in Canada, but it fits.

In my Opinion, the most beautiful Autumn Leaf is the Maple Leaf. And yes, I know that those are both very stereotypical Autumn and Canada, but they just look great, and that is why I like them.

Maple Leafs just have a unique Look and Structure to them. And that is great.

A Speck of Autumn.

But Autumn also looks great here in the Harz, at least were there are leafy Trees. And I am excited for the full Autumn Vibes.

It is going to be great.

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